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NNELI Tobechukwu, UBANI Christian (2017) Governance, Development and new Sacred Urban Spaces in Nigeria: a case study of the Gopel Faith Mission International Town, Ojoo, Ibadan

This paper was written as part of the masterclass “sacred urbanism: entrepreneurial religion, infrastructure, and the new urbanism in Nigeria” held at the university of Ibadan in June 2017. In the course of the masterclass, a team of postgraduate students conducted a day of field research at the Gospel Faith Mission International Town (GOFAMINT) located in Ojoo, Ibadan. The paper questions relations of Nigerian religious organisations and the state in the areas where emerging camps are located. The paper also pays attention to the regulation of various activities and the provision of infrastructures.

Governance, infrastructure provision, sacred urban spaces, state regulations

Tags: Nigeria, Urban Governance, Religion, Sacred Urbanism, Ibadan, Infrastructure, State, Gospel Town

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