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OKANUME Joachin (2015) A Survey of Violence-Related Deaths in Aninri and Isi-Uzo Local Government Areas of Enugu State, 2006–2014

Executive summary

Aninri and Isi-Uzo are rural Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Enugu West and Enugu East Senatorial Zones of Enugu State, respectively. Their inhabitants are predominantly farmers and traders who are not immune to violence. Yet many fatal incidents are not reported by the national press. Thus, the general aim of this study is to document virtually all the violence-related deaths that occurred in these two LGAs from June 2006 until May 2014 and to ascertain why they were neglected by the media.


Fieldwork was conducted in October 2014 in Aninri and Isi-Uzo LGAs, as well as in Enugu, the state capital. Sixty questionnaires were administered to randomly selected respondents, while 38 key informants were purposively selected and interviewed. The study also utilized two focus group discussions (FGDs), which comprised of 17 participants drawn from the various communities that make up the two LGAs.

Our findings reveal, among other things, that there have been numerous violent deaths in the study areas within the time frame covered by the study. It was also discovered that the national press neglects these rural LGAs because they have no economic value, lack urban centres, and are difficult to access, particularly Isi-Uzo.

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