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Transislam Team members and reseach topics

Dr. Sounaye Abdoulaye
The role of preaching in the Niger-Nigeria Islamic dynamic.

Dr. Mustapha Gwadabe
The relationships between Traditional brotherhoods and Izala.

Dr. Adam Higazi
The influence of Reformist movements among the Fulani communities in Nigeria and Niger.

Dr. Elodie Apard
The social, political and cultural impact of the Nigerian reformist movements’ establishment in Niger.

Dr. Rahmane Idrissa
The hegemony of Islam and its implementation methods, through Arabic and Ajami manuscripts.

Prof. Mohammed Kyari
The evolution of Boko Haram in a transnational perspective.

Prof. Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos
The evolution of Boko Haram movement in Niger.

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