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Research Associate, former Director at IFRA-Nigeria

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Bernard Caron, founder and first director of IFRA-Ibadan in 1990, is currently Directeur de Recherches Emérite at CNRS, the National French Agency for Research. While lecturing in English grammar and linguistics at the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Abidjan, and later at the University of Orléans, Bernard Caron wrote a Thèse d’Etat on Ader Hausa, a dialect of Hausa spoken in the Republic of Niger. He then became professor of Hausa at Inalco before joining CNRS in 2000 and specialising on the study of Chadic languages of the south of Bauchi State. He is now the principal investigator of NaijaSynCor, a project financed by ANR/CNRS that documents Naija (Common Nigerian Pidgin) as it is spoken throughout Nigeria. Bernard Caron wrote a dictionary and grammar of Zaar (a Chadic language of Bauchi State), and co-authored a French-Hausa dictionary with Professor Ahmed Amfani.




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