Abdoulaye Sounaye


Abdoulaye Sounaye

Dr Abdoulaye Sounaye

Senior Research Associate, Remoboko project

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Dr Abdoulaye Sounaye is a lecturer in religious studies, currently heading the research unit "Contested Religion: Between Religiosity, Morality, and Intellectual Culture" at Leibniz Zentrum Moderner Orient.

He has published two books discussion the position of Islam in the Nigerien society : Muslim Critics of Secularism: Ulama and Democratization in Niger published in 2010, and Islam et Modernité Contribution a l’Analyse de La ré-islamisation Au Niger, published in 2016.

He is the general coordinator of the REMOBOKO project, that studies religiosity and how it affects secular education (boko, in Hausa) in West Africa.


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