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  • Symposium on Naija, Institute of African Studies (UI) June 27-29, 2019

Symposium on Naija, Institute of African Studies (UI) June 27-29, 2019



Professor Francis Egbokhare (Departement of Linguistics and African Languages, University of Ibadan) and Professor Bernard Caron (IFRA – CNR, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan) cordially invite you to the Symposium on Naija organized by IFRA around the NaijaSynCor project.


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And later to the Drama Performance of:

20190627 DramaTheatre NaijaSymposium


Download the timetable here

Download the flyer here


Provisional timetable of the International Naija Symposium

Ibadan, June 27-29, 2019.

Invited speaker: Professor Ben Elugbe

Discussants: M. Ayafor, M. Mowarin, M. Green, A.O. Ofiong, G. Ozon, K. Yakpo

NaijaSynCor contributors: B. Caron, S. Čeplö, A. Chika, M. Courtin, F. Egbokhare, K. Gerdes, S. Kahane, A. Lacheret-Dujour, L. Liu, S. Manfredi, C. Ofulue, E. Onwuegbuzia, B. Oyelere, C. Simard, S. Tella, K. Yakpo


Thursday, June 27


Arrival of participants (Transfer from Lagos)


Afternoon – Opening

14:00-14:30       Addresses  

    • Prof. A.B. Ekanola, DVC Academic
    • Prof. Olanike Adeyemo, DVC RISP
    • Prof. Demola Dasylva, Dean of Arts
    • Prof. Duro Adeleke, H.O.D., Linguistics and African Languages
    • Dr. Elodie Apard, Director of IFRA

14:30-15:00       Keynote Address by: Emeritus Professor Ben ELUGBE, Department of Linguistics and African Studies

15:00-15:45       Interim Report on NSC by: Prof. Bernard Caron (IFRA,CNRS), Prof. Francis Egbokhare (UI), Prof. Sylvain Kahane (Nanterre University), Prof. Anne Lacheret-Dujour (Nanterre University), Dr Stefano Manfredi (Sedyl, CNRS)

 15:45-16:00       Coffee Break

16:00-17:00       A first variationist approach of the NSC corpus by : Dr Stefano Manfredi (Sedyl, CNRS), Dr Slavomir Čéplö (Austrian Academy of Science), Prof. Francis Egbokhare (UI), Prof. Christine Ofulue (National Open University of Nigeria)

 17:00-17:30       Discussion.

 Evening – Theatre

19:00-21:00       Rukewe & Julie. (di Naija version of Romeo and Juliet by Ogini Bernard). Wole Soyinka Theatre, University of Ibadan.


Friday, June 28:

Morning Session:  West African Pidgins and Creoles

 09:30-10:30      Prof Miriam Ayafor (Yaoundé University), Dr Melanie Green (University of Sussex) & Dr Gabriel Ozon on Cameroon Pidgin

10:30-11:00       Coffee Break

11:00-12:00       Prof. Kofi Yakpo (Hong Kong University) on Pichi (Equatorial Guinea)

 11:45-12:30      Discussion. Round Table on Pidgins, Creoles and Pidgincreoles.

12:30-14:00       Lunch break

Afternoon Session: Syntax

14:00-14:30       Prof. S. Kahane (Nanterre University), Dr K. Gerdes (Sorbonne Nouvelle), M. Courtin (Sorbonne Nouvelle) et al. SUD-Naija

14 :30-15:00      S. Tella (U.I.), E. Onwuegbuzia (U.I.), A. Chika (U.I), Prof. B. Caron (IFRA, CNRS): SVC in Naija

15 :00-15 :30     Discussion

15 :30-16h        Coffee break

16:00-16:30       Prof. Macauley Mowarin (Delta State University, Abraka) : Focus and Pseudo-focus in Naija

16:30-17:00       Prof. B. Caron (IFRA, CNRS): Clefts in Naija

17:00-17:30       Discussion


19:00-21:00       Official dinner. IITA Capa Bar.


Saturday, June 29

Morning Session: Pitch and Prosody

 09:00-10:00      ‘Biola S. Oyelere (UI, Nanterre University), Prof. A. Lacheret-Dujour (Nanterre University), Luigi Liu (UI, Nanterre University) & Dr C. Simard (University of South Pacific): Modelling Naija prosody: method and results

10:00-10:15       Discussion

10:15-10:30       Coffee Break

 10:30-11:00      ‘Biola S. Oyelere (UI, Nanterre University): The study of pitch in Naija: method and results

11:00-11:30       Luigi Liu (UI, Nanterre University): Modelling Naija communicative structure: method and results

11:30-12:15       Round table. The future of Naija & Pidgincreoles in West Africa

12:15-13:00       Closing session: Moving forward

13:00:                 Lunch & Departure.


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