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Joint conference IFRA Nigeria/Institute of African Studies: "Land, Culture and Migration"

On Thursday 3rd November 2016, IFRA Nigeria and the Institute of African Studies organised a joint scientific event, a one-day conference titled “Land, Culture and Migration”.

The Institute of African Studies is the main partner of IFRA within the University of Ibadan, and accommodates friendly and ex gratia our Institute in its own premises since IFRA’s opening in 1990. This partnership has always proved fruitful and successful, while the relationships between the successive directors of the two Institutes stayed warm and harmonious during the years. Yet, it was important to celebrate and to strengthen this partnership, by organising an outstanding joint scientific event, the first since 2012. It is in this spirit that IFRA and IAS’ teams worked together during several weeks to set up a one-day conference titled « Culture, Land and Migration », addressing issues regarding cultural, religious, sociological and economic dimensions of urban and rural migrations, spaces, boundaries, landownership, land use policy, tenure, governance and notions of indigeneity and anteriority in Nigeria.

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IFRA / Nigeria Watch Conference

“Fieldwork, Statistics and the Body-Count of Violence in Nigeria”, October 6th, 2016

On Thursday 6th of October, 2016, IFRA-Nigeria organized an International Conference around the book “Violence in Nigeria: A qualitative and quantitative analysis, (published by IFRA Nigeria and edited by Professor Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos) at Conference Centre, University of Ibadan. The conference titled “Fieldwork, Statistics and the Body-Count of Violence in Nigeria” brought together specialists of violence and conflict management, among whom professors and researchers from all over the country as well as renowned scholars from the UK and the USA.

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2nd IFRA Nigeria "PostCOP21" conference

"Ecological Crises: Local and Global Perspectives", Tuesday 12th July 2016, Bogobiri House, Lagos

On Monday 11th July and Tuesday 12th July 2016, IFRA Nigeria organised its second “PostCOP21” event. The first day, the event, titled “Ecological Crises in Nigeria”, was held at the Institute of African Studies, within the University of Ibadan. The second day the event, titled “Ecological Crises: Local and Global Perspectives”, was an “out of the academy” one, welcomed by the Bogobiri House, in Lagos.

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Yoruba Name project

On Friday 1st July 2016, IFRA Nigeria organised, with the help of it’s Phd student Sara Panata, the presentation of the Yoruba Name project by Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún, its founder/curator, and Laila Le Guen, the communications lead and researcher. The conference took place in Drapers’ Hall, within the Institute of African Studies. It was attended by a motivated and very reactive public of professors and students of all levels. After the presentation, the convenors facilitated an interactive workshop, followed then by the screening of the documentary Family Name (USA, 1998) by Macky Alston, organised by the Thursday Films Series movie club.

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Conference: Fieldwork, Statistics and the Body-Count of Violence in Nigeria

IFRA Nigeria (project Nigeria Watch) is pleased to invite the general public to attend a conference titled “Fieldwork, Statistics and the Body-Count of Violence in Nigeria”.

This conference will take place on the 6th of October 2016, at the Conference Centre of the University of Ibadan, and will discuss in detail the book, Violence in Nigeria: A qualitative and quantitative analysis, published by IFRA Nigeria with ASC Leiden (WAPOSO collection) and edited by Dr Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos (Senior Researcher at IRD).

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IFRA lecture on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and First Conference on Ilorin Studies at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State

Manuel Reinert, IFRA-Nigeria Research Associate, gave a lecture on the second Intifada and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the History and International Studies Department, University of Ilorin, on May 30. Manuel Reinert was invited by Dr. Ibrahim Jawondo to deliver this lecture to the post-graduate students of the department with the support of the HOD, Dr. Peter F. Adebayo, who attended the event. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a major issue in international studies and a well discussed subject in Nigerian universities. The goal was to deepen knowledge and trigger discussion on questions such as Zionism, Israeli identity, Palestinian nationalism, the peace process, the US involvement, the role of Arab countries, etc., and explore the period of the second Intifada, one of the tipping points of the conflict.

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Conference on Dying, Death and the Politics of After-Death in the African World, University of Nigeria at Nsukka (UNN), March 20-22, 2013: A Report

Conference :
School of General Studies,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria
March 20-22, 2013

This conference explored dying and death in Africa, how culture in Africa has shaped palliative care for the dying as well as ways in which the dead are perceived, buried and celebrated/remembered in various communities, times and histories.

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