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Methodological seminar - Salomé Okoekpen

Salomé Okoekpen MethodsOn the 15th of March, Salomé Okoekpen, PhD student in Anthropology at the University of Geneva, presented her methods and her fieldwork to fifteen master and PhD students during a methodological seminar at the university of Ibadan.

Salomé Okoekpen explores Muslim women's engagement in rural towns of Oyo State looking at their organisational and associative practices. She is most interested in their lived experience, on how they perceive and interpret their actions and religiosity. The methodology deployed by Salomé Okoekpen blends ethnographic and artistic approaches such as drawing, sound recordings, and photography. Drawing serves as a tool for immersion and engagement, positioning and reflexivity, and personal reflection and expression. It is also a medium that allow for the engagement of a wider, non-academical, audience.

If you want to learn more about Salomé Okoekpen's work and method click here.

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