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IFRA training workshop with the DAAD: “Applying for scholarship opportunities in Germany and in France”

Date: Thursday 17th of October 2019, 9am to 11 am

Location: Drapers Hall, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan,

On Thursday 17th of October, from 9am to 11am, IFRA-Nigeria, together with DAAD, orgnised a workshop on “Applying for scholarships opportunities in Germany and in France”. DAAD is the German Academic Service Exchange and Mr Ibukunolu Olugbemisola Ajagunna is DAAD representative at University of Ibadan and a lecturer at the European Studies Department (University of Ibadan). 

The workshop was divided in two parts: 

Presentation of the DAAD activities at the University of Ibadan

First, Mr Ibukunolu Olugbemisola Ajagunna will present the activities of DAAD:  the range of studies programmes available in Germany, the different scholarship opportunities and how to prepare for studying in Germany. He explained how DAAD facilitate to grant scholarships for the best students internationally and also work towards better collaboration and partnerships with foreign governments and institutions. Finally, he recalls the benefits of the alumni network of DAAD, especially for those in need of first hand information about DAAD application procedures. 

20191017 WorkshopDAAD6
20191017 WorkshopDAAD1

Discussion with 2 IFRA’s fellows working with German institutions

During the second par of the workshop, twoPhD students working with German institutions and who are also research fellows of IFRA-Nigeria shared their experience and tips on how to prepare for studying in Germany. 

Mark Amaliya Anyorikeya, PhD candidate in Political Science at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, has been a beneficiary of the DAAD for his master and his PhD. He shared with the audience the challenges of getting a succesfull applications and shared meaningful advices for those who wish to engage in a similar path. He insisted on the importance of respecting the timeline imposed by DAAD/German Universities as well as writing an outstanding application and the importance of 'fitting in' the programe.

Finally, Adejoke Rafiat Adetoro, PhD candidate in History with the ZMO (Zentrum Moderner Orient Berlin) and University of Ibadan for the RemoBoko project, presented the other options for Nigerian researchers to go study in Germany. She especially mentioned the role of international fellowship and the possibility to do semester of exchange with German research institutions and universities. This way, the audience was provided with the full spectrum of opportunities to go study at Master, PhD or Post-Doc level in Germany.

20191017 WorkshopDAAD3
20191017 WorkshopDAAD4

The presentations were followed by a Q&A session with the audience. 75 students, coming from the University of Ibadan and Obafemi Awolowo University mainly, participated to the workshop at the Drapers Hall of the Institute of African Studies. 

20191017 WorkshopDAAD2
20191017 WorkshopDAAD8
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