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Looking back at ... Workshop on combining Video and Research



In continuation of our programmes on Digital Humanities, IFRA-Nigeria organized a workshop on filming for research in social sciences and the humanities. The workshop took place at the Nigerian Academy of Letters, University of Ibadan for three days, from August 25th to 27th.

The workshop was organized by Dr Cyrielle Maingraud-Martinaud and Juliette Reflé, and was facilitated by Tobi Akinde, Chrystel Oloukoi and Dr Lucie Revilla.

Didi Cheeka, who is a Nigerian filmmaker and critic, was our guest speaker.. He is the editor of Lagos Film Review and co-founder and curator of Lagos Film Society – an alternative cinema center dedicated to the founding of Nigeria’s first arthouse cinema.

Ten participants were selected to attend the workshop. They had very diverse backgrounds but they all were involved in ongoing projects combining video and research. Some were engaged in media and film and wanted to learn more about social sciences methodologies, while others, already involved in social sciences research, were willing to learn about how to use videos and films in their work.

All participants were very enthusiastic about the workshop: the brainstorming sessions were especially a motivator and a catalyst for them to discuss their ongoing projects.

Several sessions focused on decolonizing the gaze in filming, which led to very lively discussions among participants. Some important ethnographic films were screened in order to open the discussion.

Moving forward, participants and facilitators questioned methodological bias that can come from the use of video in research  and discussed ethical boundaries in the practice of filming. They also discussed how to combine pragmatic and specific social sciences data and the aesthetic and art of film. The issue of video editing was especially addressed and how to restitute the tangibility of social phenomenon in a film. Technical aspects of filming and interview methodology were also examined. 

As IFRA-Nigeria intensifies its engagement towards Digital Humanities, this workshop aimed at fostering original projects from participants and building a network among researchers with the same will to include videos in their research.

Thus, the conversation is still going on between participants and facilitators as a starting point to a wider network of practitioners combining videos and research in social sciences. Following activities in the programme of Digital Humanities will include an online seminar and the edition of a book that should include a reflection on video and research.

Lists of participants and their projects:

Yusuff Sikiru Abiona & Akangbe Ganeey Babatunde - Documentary Project on Osogbo Art school.
Abdulfatai Adams - Video project on the concept of African Traditional Religion before colonialism and its perception in the 21st century.
Adegoke Afe - Research interest in Music and Film (ethnomusicology).
Omotayo Agunbiade - Project to convert her research on women in Nigeria into a historical documentary.
Olusoji Ajao - Research interest in Migration and video project on the untold stories of Migration.
Falana Gbenga - Research on Musical Performances of Funeral Dirges among the Ekiti people and use of videos as a method. 
Ekhator Godfrey - project of the Institute of Benin Studies on the cultural heritage of Edo people 
Ayọ̀délé Ìbíyẹmí - Documentary project on Shooting Stars Football Club (Ibadan).
Esther Oluwaseun Idowu - PhD candidate in Political Science (UI) on the topic: "Tunde Kelani’s Films and Political Culture in Nigeria”.
Dara Omotoso - Docu-fiction film project focusing on Yaba, Lagos




Group picture with facilitators and participants.






92618 copie



  Theoritical session.



92614 copie





Participants during lunch break. 











Didi Cheeka, Nigerian filmmaker and critic, as guest speaker.

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