Human trafficking for Sexual Exploitation in Nigeria E-papers

ADELEYE Modupe (2017) Victims, Actors and Violence: Human Trafficking and Prostitution in Communities along Nigeria-Benin Republic Border

A multiscalar phenomenon, human trafficking can be studied at the national and international levels, rendering the border a significant analytical object. This paper questions the specificities of the Nigerian-Benin border as affecting human trafficking. Based on field research undertaken in the communities of Shaki and Seme, the study examines how border dynamics affect the framing of networks and actors involved in the human trafficking process. It illustrates the gradual entanglement of human trafficking with other traffics and economic activities at play within bordering communities.

borders, human trafficking, transborder trafficking, Nigeria, Benin

 DIAGBOYA Precious (2017) Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation: the Gender Gap

The academic and grey literature paying attention to human trafficking have primarily focused on female victims. As such, this paper argues that they have suffered a gender bias. Based on field research conducted in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in Abuja, the paper intends to bridge the gender gap by studying the experience of Male Sex Workers (MSWs). It points out the variety of places and networks used by this population in the FCT. It also pinpoints series of migration trends that account for the presence of MSWs. As such, it looks at the various biographical trajectories of Abuja MSWs and provides with an outlook on the community perceptions, along with points of comparison with the classical work on female sex work networks.

Human trafficking, Male Sex Workers, gender, gay

MONICA EZOMAZINO, Akokuwebe (2017) Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation: Evaluating the health consequences of victims

Sexually transmissible diseases linked to binding or coerced prostitution activities, especially HIV, have attracted considerable attention. Other health issues are sometimes glossed over, both in the academic literature and by rehabilitation organizations working with trafficked individuals. Based on field research conducted in Lagos and Oyo States, the study focuses on health issues experienced by trafficking victims and rehabilitated individuals. The paper documents the physical and psychological effects of trafficking as resulting from the living conditions of victims. It also investigates the (self)- medication practices among trafficked individuals

Keywords: Health, human trafficking, rehabilitation

 OKOLIE-OSEMENE, James (2017) A Study on Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation within th Gulf of Guinea countries

This paper reviews the available literature on human trafficking for sexual exploitation within the Gulf of Guinea countries. It situates the context, nature and networks of human trafficking in order to identify the intersection between the sources, transit and destination of the illicit trade. The study also pinpoints the human right implications of human trafficking and the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the anti-trafficking activities. By so doing, it sets out the current trends in the existing literature on human trafficking with a emphasis on West Africa.

 PAT IZIENGBE, Omoregie (2017) The Economy of International Prostitution in Benin and the place of the "Purray Boys"

Existing literature insists on coercive dynamics that thrust victims into prostitution networks. This paper takes a different stand by underlining the preliminary awareness of various victims of human trafficking. Based on field research undertaken in Benin City, Edo State, the study delves into the role of the so-called Purray Boys in the international prostitution networks. It investigates the kinship networks and how they play out in the making of the human trafficking networks by unravelling the kinship dynamics as critical in the international economy of prostitution.

Benin City; Purray Boys; international prostitution; international economy


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