Report: Human trafficking for sexual exploitation in Nigeria

A project funded by the Fond de Solidarité Prioritaire of the French Ministry of Foreign Affaires

The following file introduces some of the key findings of the transdisciplinary research project “Human trafficking for sexual exploitation in Nigeria”. This project results from a partnership between IFRA Nigeria and the Programme “Support to the fight against human trafficking in countries of the Guinea Golf” initiated in 2013 by the Fond de Développement Prioritaire (FSP) of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI).


  • The Economy of International Prostitution in Benin and the place of “Purray boys”
  • Victims, Actors and Violence: Human trafficking and prostitution in communities along Nigeria-Benin Republic border
  • Human trafficking for sexual exploitation: Evaluating the health consequences of victims
  • Trafficking for sexual exploitation: the gender gap
  • A study on human trafficking for sexual exploitation within the Gulf of Guinea countries


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