IFRA & Thursday Film Series - safe space cycle introduction

042e31b7 8a6d 4efd a4fc bbacb6cf9eb4On the 16th of February, IFRA-Nigeria and the Thursday-Film Series organised a joint event gathering 60 people. Introductions were made by Dr. Olutayo, Dr. Olorunyomi and Dr. Morovich. The event included a book launch where Dr. Sola Olorunyomi presented his newly reprinted book: Afrobeat – Fela and the imagined continent. Two panelists, Ms Adeyosola Adeniran and Mr Leye Komofale discussed its content. Numerous topics were discussed such as the relations between Afrobeat and pop culture, the relations between Fela and the state, and the relations between Fela and women as well as Fela’s identity politics.

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The discussion was followed by a screening of 'Music is the weapon'. Shot in Lagos at the peak of his career in 1982, this documentary contains interviews with Fela detailing his thoughts on politics, Pan-Africanism, music and religion, alongside unpublished versions of songs like ITT, Army Arrangement and Power Show.  The screening and the discussion that followed provided insightful information’s about the impact of Fela on society and the relation people hold with his legacy. This event constituted the first step of a collaboration between IFRA-Nigeria and the Thursday Film Series on the topic of "Safe space".

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