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Publication of the sixth issue of the journal "Sources"

cover sources 6 2023 3rose small500The sixth issue of Sources just came out and is accessible here.

What do photographers and their pictures show about Africa? This special issue aims to analyses the social representations produced and disseminated by photographers, whether professionals or amateurs, researchers or not, African or not. The articles present numerous photographs, reflecting the longstanding nature of this practice as well as its contemporary vitality. The authors consider what is shown, what can be shown, but also the images that are not there or are no longer there. Examining the absence of images invites us to grasp the entire photographic process, from shooting to distribution. The aim is to unravel not only the photographs themselves, but also the various interactions that led to their production, reproduction or disappearance. In this way, the articles sketch out the area of the photographable in Africa.

Finally, this issue takes a reflexive look at research approaches that use photography as a “medium for expressing the sensitive,” understanding “sensitive” to mean both what is mediated by our senses (as in a “sensory” approach for example) but also sensitive as that which requires a particular care and tact, that which is affectively charged. At the intersection of working “with,” “on” and “in” images, the aim is to defend photography as a research method in its own right.

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