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  • Call for paper: Sources of Violence. How to document and trace violent phenomenon in Africa?

Call for paper: Sources of Violence. How to document and trace violent phenomenon in Africa?

The Journal

Sources is a collective peer-reviewed online Journal, created by the French Institutes for Research in Africa: IFRA-Nairobi, IFRA-Ibadan, IFAS-Johannesburg, CFEE-Addis-Ababa and CEDEJ-Khartoum. The goal of the journal is to promote fieldwork-based research by adding value to original sources, collected on the ground. Articles focus on primary data and first-hand documents, analysing their natures and their functions, around particular topics, through special issues and Varias. They also delve into methods and source collection contexts, as well as related ethical and epistemological issues.

First Special issue: Sources of Violence

Nowadays, violence, as a social science research topic, faces serious methodological, practical and ethical dilemmas. Such research raises significant issues related to fieldwork feasibility, source availability, data usages and sensitivity. Violent situations critically transmute researchers and their relationship to the field and sources.

Beyond the issue of accessibility, the relationship to sources must be reworked and redefined. How can we cope with propaganda? How can we use adequately interviews of refugees or prisoners? How can we balance and confront the voice of “executioners” and “victims”? How can we rely on “ordinary” tools of research and investigation in the social sciences to deal with situations of violence?

This first journal issue welcomes contributions addressing the sources of violence in their twofold dimension:

  • Questioning the actual causes of violence in multifarious African settings. What are the social, economic or cultural factors at play in violent phenomena? How are violent phenomena fuelled and boosted? How can violent outbreaks be mitigated or thwarted?
  • Investigating the methodological and ethical dimensions of “sources” used to document violence as a social science research topic. What are the specificities of data collection and construction in the field of “violence studies”? What are the ethical issues relating to
    referencing and interviewing in violent contexts? Why should, and how can, informed consent and informant anonymity be guaranteed in violent settings?


Interested contributors should send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. their article abstract, title, research question, types of sources used for the research, along with their CV specifying their academic affiliations, not later than 1st of June 2017.

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