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A trained architect with a strong interest in heritage preservation, Femi Olanrewaju has recently joined IFRA's project on 'Religious Architectural Heritage in Ibadan'. He will conduct research on shrines in historical Ibadan.






 - Hi ! Could you please introduce yourself to the readers ?

My name is Femi OlanrewajuI obtained MLA in Landscape Architecture from the University of Lagos. As a student of landscape architecture and with my passion for heritage preservation, I chose to write my thesis on “Conservation of a cultural landscape: A Case Study of Osun Grove”. My goal was to examine and digitize the Osun Grove as a tool for cultural and natural heritage preservation framework and urban design. Currently, I am MSc student in the department of Architecture, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife. I am also a member of International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). 

 - What is your major aim at IFRA ?

My main objective with IFRA is to add to the existing knowledge of Ibadan religious heritage documentation by using GIS techniques to fill the current void of heritage documentation using Ibadan core area as a pilot study for other researchers.

 - What is your goal after IFRA ?

I intend to further the research at PhD level with the knowledge I would have acquired with IFRA.




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