Methodological seminar - Salomé Okoekpen

Salomé Okoekpen MethodsOn the 15th of March, Salomé Okoekpen, PhD student in Anthropology at the University of Geneva, presented her methods and her fieldwork to fifteen master and PhD students during a methodological seminar at the university of Ibadan.

Salomé Okoekpen explores Muslim women's engagement in rural towns of Oyo State looking at their organisational and associative practices. She is most interested in their lived experience, on how they perceive and interpret their actions and religiosity. The methodology deployed by Salomé Okoekpen blends ethnographic and artistic approaches such as drawing, sound recordings, and photography. Drawing serves as a tool for immersion and engagement, positioning and reflexivity, and personal reflection and expression. It is also a medium that allow for the engagement of a wider, non-academical, audience.

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Journée d'étude: Matrimoines et patrimonialisations expérimentales de la « nature » en ville.

arton57 resp400Le 3 avril, une journée d’étude sur le thème des matrimoines et des patrimonialisations expérimentales de la « nature » en ville prenait place. Cet évènement, coordonné par Barbara Morovich (AMUP et IFRA-Nigéria, membre du réseau LIEU) et Géraldine Djament (UMR SAGE, associée à l’EIREST), faisait suite à deux journées d’études. La première traitait des enjeux épistémologiques liés aux patrimonialisations « minoritaires » et la seconde abordait le thème des patrimonialisations populaires et postcoloniales « minoritaires » en France et à l’étranger.

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The British colonial ‘migrated’ archives: a workshop for Nigeria-based early career researchers

Capture décran 2023 03 20 113859On the 16th of June 2023, Tim Livsey (Northumbria University) is organising a workshop for early career researchers in partnership with IFRA-Nigeria with the support of the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council. The workshop will take place at the Institute for African Studies, University of Ibadan.

British authorities covertly removed thousands of documents from colonised territories at around the time they won their independence, from the 1940s through to the 1980s. These papers include 413 files taken from Nigeria.

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Tremplin pour l’international - Soutien à la mobilité (2023)

inshsL’InSHS lance un nouvel appel destiné à favoriser la mobilité, à donner l’opportunité de séjourner à l’étranger pour y effectuer des terrains, enquêtes, travaux sur archives, manuscrits, etc., de développer son réseau international de recherche, d’y mener une recherche susceptible de déboucher par la suite, sur la proposition d’un réseau international de recherche soutenu par le CNRS, l’élaboration d’un projet européen (projet collaboratif, réseau COST, ERC, dont ERC Synergy etc., dans le contexte de l’Europe de la recherche), la réponse à un appel à projet ANR, international ou autre, portant sur des sources étrangères, etc.

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Publication of the fifth issue of the journal "Sources"

sources 5 2022 varia small500 1The fifth issue of Sources just came out and is accessible here.

As Sources welcomes new editors-in-chief (see editorial), this fifth issue builds bridges between past and future publications. The interview conducted by Florent Piton with Rwandan historians on the question of using local sources to write the history of the genocide of the Tutsi, initially published in French, is here translated into Kinyarwanda. Together with Maëline Le Lay's article on the uses of the transcript of a round-table discussion on post-genocide theatre in Rwanda, they form a mini-dossier questioning the historical and artistic sources through which to approach genocidal violence.

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Call for research projects 2023-2024 / Appel à projets de recherche 2023-2024

logo PNG transparent(French version below)

This call is adressed to Masters Students - Doctoral Students - Post-Doctoral Students - Researchers

IFRA-Nigeria - French Institute for Research in Africa located within the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan (UMIFRE 24 /CNRS and MEAE) has a regional vocation that extends over ten West African countries: Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Niger, Chad and Togo. It promotes and supports research in the humanities and social sciences in Nigeria and in the other aforementioned countries.

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Workshop: Digitising Religious Architectural Heritage in Ibadan (ArcGis)

DSC 0550jpgAs part of both its programmes on Digital Humanities and on Nigerian religious dynamics, IFRA-Nigeria has launched a research project on the religious architectural heritage of Ibadan. Drawing from the fields of Digital Humanities, Architecture and the Socio-anthropology of religion, the objective is to map out, research and analyse the rich history and diverse aesthetics of all religious buildings in the capital of Oyo State. A kick-start workshop gathering academics and professionals with a specific interest in the project took place in October in order to sum-up the existing research and literature on the topic and map out key future topics of research and engagement. 

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Workshop : Training of Lagos museum staff in digitisation techniques

DSC 0416jpgIFRA-Nigeria, in the context of an FSPI (Fond de Solidarité pour les Projets Innovants) project funded by the French ministry of Foreign Affairs, collaborates with the archives and library unit of the National Museum Onikan Lagos to train the museum staff to digitisation techniques which are essential to preserve the museum’s archives and make them freely available online for everyone to consult and study.

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Call for application - Creating sound maps of religious buildings in Ibadan

unnamedAs part of both its programmes on Digital Humanities and on Nigerian religious dynamics, IFRA-Nigeria has launched a research project on the religious architectural heritage of Ibadan. Drawing from the fields of Digital Humanities, Architecture and the Socio-anthropology of religion, the objective is to map out, research and analyse the rich history and diverse aesthetics of all religious buildings in the capital of Oyo State. 

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Appel à candidatures du Prix de thèse du GIS Études africaines en France 2023

LOGO GIS semibold 280x78Le GIS Études africaines en France (CNRS, UAR 2999) organise en 2023 son Prix de thèse pour deux lauré La somme de 2500 € sera accordée à chaque lauréat.e pour l’appui à la publication de sa thèse, chez ENS Editions.

Sont éligibles des travaux soutenus en français et en France, entre le 1er janvier 2022 et le 31 décembre 2022, dans toutes les disciplines des sciences humaines et sociales et des lettres (anthropologie, géographie, histoire, langues et littérature, science politique, sociologie, archéologie…).

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IFRA & Thursday Film Series - safe space cycle introduction

042e31b7 8a6d 4efd a4fc bbacb6cf9eb4On the 16th of February, IFRA-Nigeria and the Thursday-Film Series organised a joint event gathering 60 people. Introductions were made by Dr. Olutayo, Dr. Olorunyomi and Dr. Morovich. The event included a book launch where Dr. Sola Olorunyomi presented his newly reprinted book: Afrobeat – Fela and the imagined continent. Two panelists, Ms Adeyosola Adeniran and Mr Leye Komofale discussed its content. Numerous topics were discussed such as the relations between Afrobeat and pop culture, the relations between Fela and the state, and the relations between Fela and women as well as Fela’s identity politics.

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Conference: the National Union of Road Transport Workers in Nigeria

WhatsApp Image 2023 02 13 at 10.23.46On the 6th of February 2023, Laurent Fouchard, Research Professor at the Centre for International Studies (CERI) and at the Urban School of Sciences Po Paris, gave a conference at the Institute of African Studies of the University of Ibadan. He presented his current research on the political relations between the State and the National Union of Road Transport Workers in Nigeria (Lagos and Ibadan particularly) since 1978. Laurent Fourchard method involves the combination of historical and ethnographic approaches.

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Interview with Laurent Fourchard // Studying the Sociology of NURTW members

FOURCHARDfc10Can you explain to us what your current project in Nigeria is and what brings you to Ibadan?

I have been working on the NURTW for six years mainly because some of the colleagues here at the Institute of African Studies (Isaac Olawale Albert) started to work on this topic. I thought the subject was fascinating because the Union has a peculiar role: rather than protecting the rights of the Union members or drivers its primary role is to regulate transports in most of Nigeria and take dues over the drivers. My main focus is on Lagos and Ibadan, I am right now conducting my third fieldwork on this project.

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