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Nigeria Watch (NW) is a database that monitors and compiles violent deaths, including accidents, crimes, conflicts, natural disasters, occurring in Nigeria since 1 June 2006.

It relies principally on ten Nigerian daily newspapers, which are analysed by information retrieval specialists on a daily basis. Other sources of information, such as human rights organisations and Federal security agencies, are used to cross-check data and mitigate methodological biases.

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Invisible Violence Project

Based in the premises of IFRA-Nigeria on the campus of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria Watch is a database project that has monitored fatal incidents and human security in Nigeria since 1 June 2006. The database compiles violent deaths on a daily basis, including fatalities resulting from accidents. It relies on a thorough reading of the Nigerian press (15 dailies & weeklies) and reports from human rights organisations. The two main objectives are to identify dangerous areas and assess the evolution of violence in the country.

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