Oladipipo Aishat Omobolawa

AishaNYSCMs Oladipipo Aishat Omobolawa,

Nigeria Watch Intern

Ms Oladipipo Aishat Omobolawa is a National Youth Service Corps member serving in IFRA-Nigeria/Nigeria Watch, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria for the year 2018/2019. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in German Language from the University of Ibadan.

Juliette Reflé

JullietteRefle Juliette Reflé
Research Project Manager
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As a Research Associate, I am in charge of the organisation of scientific events as well as managing the research fellows network. I also coordinate and deal with the administration of several research projects.

Following a Master degree in Political Science curriculum, I worked for almost 3 years in development organizations in France, Morocco and Benin Republic. I mainly managed cooperation projects between non-state institutions on various topics as tax policies, administration management, urban planning and extra-curricular education programs.

Being a stakeholder in these North-South development and cooperation programs has made me reflect on the circulation of power, specifically with regard to public policies at local level, as well as the interaction between local governments and others governance levels. Following these experiences, I completed a Research Masters studying how local governments in Benin Republic implement and negotiate their fiscal authority day to day in the framed of international and national norms. 

Following my graduation from the African Studies Master of Paris Pantheon-Sorbonne University and convinced that global issues have very specific local outcomes, I am eager to build on my  work in the academic research field to analyse the way local communities can adapt to global crises and trends. I am especially interested on how social and political representations and narratives of economic growth and globalization have an impact on local social mobilization and adaptation in time of crises.  

Therefore, I am currently looking to contribute to projects that analyse the production and implementation of environmental public policies as well as the emergence of social contestation on these issues in Nigeria.

Rachel Fabunmi 

RachelFabunmiRachel Fabunmi 
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Mrs. Rachel Fabunmi is the librarian of IFRA-Nigeria. She holds a Master Degree in Library and Information Studies from University of Ibadan. Her main goals is to enhance scientific research by providing researchers with adequate reference materials in the Social Sciences and the Humanities.

Vitus Ukoji

VitusNWVitus Nwankwo Ukoji,

Nigeria Watch Project Coordinator

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 Ukoji Vitus is the Project Coordinator with Nigeria Watch and a PhD Fellow in the Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ibadan where he also bagged his Master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Government/Public Administration and professional certificates in Data Demand and Use, Measurement and Evaluation, Urban Crime and Violence Prevention, Frontiers in Development Policy, Urban and City Management: Safe and Resilient Cities.

He spent most of his career life in Lagos where he served as Operations Manager (2006/2011), Customer Relations Officer (2005) and Administrative Manager (2003/2004) with Afro Euro Consult LTD. Currently, he belongs to different research and international networks including IFRA-Nigeria Research Fellow, Society for Peace Studies and Practice, Peace and Security Working Group and International Practitioner Network - Every Casualty. 

Vitus Ukoji consulted for Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme (NSRP) between 2016-2016 as part of the team that provided data and analyzed trends of violence in selected states of interest as well as consulted for Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, United Kingdom as part of the team that collected and analyzed data on ‘The Rise of Boko Haram: A History and Violence of Nigeria’s Islamist Insurgency’ in 2016. He is currently a team member that produces bi-weekly and quarterly security briefs for Risk & Co Nigeria, the Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA, and Managing Conflict in Nigeria, MCN, under the British Council.

Vitus Ukoji has authored and co-authored different publications include the following:

  • Trends and patterns of fatal road accidents in Nigeria (2006 – 2014)
  • Boat Accidents in Nigeria: General Trends and Risk Factors (June 2006-May, 2014)
  • Prevalence of Lethal and Non-lethal Crimes in Nigeria
  • Collaborative Information Retrieval: The Case of Nigeria Watch
  • Patterns and Determinants of Ritual killings in Nigeria (2006-2018), forthcoming
  • Dynamics of Fatalities in the 2015 General
  • The Japan International Cooperation Agency 

Ayodokun Abiola Victoria

VictoriaAbiolaNW2Ayodokun Abiola Victoria,

Nigeria Watch Information Retrieval Specialist

 Ayodokun Abiola Victoria is an Information Retrieval Specialist with Nigeria Watch. She is a gender specialist holds a Master’s degree in Peace and Conflicts Studies from the University of Ibadan. She is the co-founder of Tope Consultium, a research consultant and logistics provider firm based in Ibadan. She is a Chartered Mediator and a research fellow of IFRA-Nigeria. She specializes in women and environmental insecurity. 

Victor Chinedu Eze

VictorNWVictor Chinedu Eze,

Nigeria Watch Information Retrieval Specialist

Victor Chinedu Eze is an Information Retrieval Specialist with Nigeria Watch and an IFRA-Nigeria research fellow. He holds a Master’s degree in Communication and Language Arts, University of Ibadan and a BA in Philosophy, University of Ibadan. He has worked in the Media and some Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) consultancies at various levels. He is a member of International Communication Association (ICA).

Dr Cyrielle Maingraud-Martinaud

CyrielleMaingraudResearcher & Deputy Director, IFRA-Nigeria

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As a doctor in political science from Sciences Po Bordeaux, I study the interactions between political systems and identity politics, focusing especially on religion.

My PhD research was conducted between 2013 and 2018 in Tanzania. I’ve analyzed the ways in which the liberalization of the 1980s and the return to multipartism in 1990s have been articulated to a reconfiguration of identity politics in a semi-competitive context. By means of an ethnographic-type qualitative survey, as well as semi-structured interviews carried out in four districts of mainland Tanzania, my focus has been on the dynamics of religiosity in contemporary Tanzanian politics. I’ve analyzed the mechanisms of regime legitimation, the processes of mobilisation and co-optation of intermediary elites, and the relations between the government and the citizen.

 As a researcher at IFRA, I currently study the politicization of religion in Nigerian politics, in a comparative perspective with Tanzania. I am especially interested in understanding the field of institutional « inter-faith dialogue » that has emerged since the beginning of the 2000s, both at the local, national and international levels.

In the meantime, as the deputy director of IFRA Nigeria, I am taking part to the administration of the Institute, along with the organisation of academic events such as guest lectures, book launches, conferences, etc. Finally, I participate actively in the educational activities of IFRA, by organizing and teaching within monthly methodological workshops and masterclasses.

Dr Vincent Hiribarren


Dr Vincent HiribarrenVincentHiribarren


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Vincent Hiribarren is the current director of IFRA Nigeria while being on leave from King’s College London. He has published two books on the history of Nigeria (A History of Borno, Hurst and Oxford University Press, 2017 and Un manguier au Nigeria, Plon, Terre Humaine, 2019). He has also a strong interest in environmental history and digital humanities (see his personal website here). Follow him on Twitter.


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