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Informal Channels for Conflict Resolution in Ibadan, Nigeria

by Isaac Olawale Albert, Tinu Awe, Georges Hérault and Wuyi Omitoogun, 1995

First lines

This is a study of the informal channels of conflict resolution among people living in Ibadan. Although the informal channels of justice are generally preferred by the poor because they cannot afford to hire an attorney, this study has shown that informal channels are often the first choice of citizens who wish to solve their conflicts outside a court of law. Poverty is a global problem, but is more widespread in the developing nations.1 For any society to achieve sustainable development the problem of poverty has to be addressed. In this regard, the seminal work of Professor John Iliffe on the problem of poverty in Africa is instructive. Iliffe identified a number of areas which require research: the identity of the poor; their numerical strength; their characteristics; their location, most especially within the urban system; the reasons for their poverty; what they think and do about their problems; and what the larger society thinks and does about them...

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