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IFRA Nigeria Research fellows

About the Fellowship:

The IFRA Research Fellowship is an academic extension of IFRA-Nigeria. It is comprised of a group of volunteer researchers (Junior and Senior scholars) drawn from various universities and research institution in Nigeria and beyond. The primary aim of the Fellowship is to create a network of researchers for the advancement of scholarship in the humanities and social sciences. The Fellowship also seeks to achieve the following cardinal objectives:
a) Bring academics and researchers together for the purpose of generating and devloping new research frontiers.
b) Encourage Junior scholars to report field research, in the form of scientific presentations at conferences and seminars, and to make scientific contributions to edited volumes, working papers and reputable journals.
c) Organise seminars, training, workshops and personality lectures for the capacity development of the Fellows.
d) Provide small grants to Research Fellows to undertake scientific projects in line with IFRA-Nigeria’s research agenda.
e) Encourage the exchange of information and research materials among researchers.
f) Provide a plateform for impactful research through the Nigerian Watch Database and create avenues for cutting-edge research publication

Who is qualified to be a Fellow:

The Fellowship is open to individuals who meet the following criteria:
a) Applicants must be post-graduate students, lecturers, or researchers from universities and research institutions, particularly in the humanities and social sciences, with a direct interest in Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, or West African transnational issues.
 in a reputable journal or in a scholarly edited volume)
b) Applicants must show interest in scholarship, team work, personal development, and peer training.

How to apply:

Fill the IFRA Research Fellows Form

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